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 Two Books A Month?

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PostSubject: Two Books A Month?   Two Books A Month? EmptySat Sep 11, 2010 4:30 pm

So, I know that some of you are really busy, and don't have as much time to read and that's fine. But I want to add a second book for each month. You don't have to do both books, but for those of us that want two books, we can go ahead and go with it. For October, definitely just keep it with The Chosen One so we can all get used to this, but I was thinking in November and on we can do 2/month. Plus, if someone doesn't want to do one of the books, they still have the other as an option instead of being screwed.

There's a couple ways we can do this. We can either do the second book as one that comes out that month if it's early enough in the month, or we can keep them all at a 1-2 month delay, since I know not every can get them right when they come out.

I've also listed a forum for book suggestions, of if there's one you want to maybe be added in for a month, you can put it there.

Let me know your thoughts on how to run the second book. I am all for having it be books already out for a bit- because I know a lot of us spend most of our time on ARCs anyhow, so I think the break with already out and not as hyped books will be great.
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Two Books A Month? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Two Books A Month?   Two Books A Month? EmptySat Sep 11, 2010 6:28 pm

I like the new look, Kari! (Love the water theme!) Anyway, I guess I should get back on topic, eh? Smile

I would love the option of reading two books a month for the book club. I agree, it'd be great to have the option of two books. If I have more time, I'd definitely read both, but I won't feel guilty with only reading one (if my schedule is a little out of hand etc). I'd prefer the 1 to 2 month delay as I don't necessarily get all of the new books right away...
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Two Books A Month?
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